On-page SEO Tactics

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On-page SEO is primarily technical in nature and needs to be applied to every page of your website. Websites are not optimized as a whole but rather one page at a time (but with a global perspective of what is trying to be achieved).
I’m not going to go into great detail as to what is specifically done to each page but I am going to give you a good overall understanding.

Basically, your on-page SEO should accomplish three main objectives:


• Your website’s code (illustrated by the code from Walmart.com above) should be well-coded. By this, I mean that it should be easily read and understood by search engines.
• Each page of your website should be built around “intelligent keyword phrases” that are likely to draw targeted visitors to your page/site.
• Your site’s design should be attractive and your content found useful to visitors so as to encourage them to stay as long as possible on your site.
One on-page SEO tactic that isn’t even widely discussed it what is called “Visitor Experience Optimization.” (aka VEO)
Google (and other search engines) have the ability to track how long the average visitor stays on your website and gives added benefit to sites that have a longer than average “visitor duration.”
It stands to reason, right?

If the majority of your website visitors hit the “BACK” button after being on your site for only three seconds, it could be assumed that they either didn’t like what they saw or they didn’t find something they felt was relevant to what they were searching for.
However, if your visitors stay on your site for 1-3 minutes (or more), the search engines will give you a boost in the search engine rankings as your visitors have “spoken.” They obviously have liked something about your site long enough to hang around and therefore, your site is believed to contain “valuable” content.
This is one of the reasons that it’s wise to consider adding an “involvement device” to your website. This could include getting your visitor to sign-up for your company newsletter (to receive a coupon or other free gift), adding video to your website or simply allowing them to comment on the content you’ve posted.
All three options help your visitors connect with you in a more personal way than just having the ability to read your website’s content and can help you bring you more business in addition to helping your site rank better in the search engines.

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