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As a fellow business owner, you already know that marketing is important for business growth and in today’s climate that’s especially true.
More and more, your prospects are turning to the Internet to locate businesses in their own backyard. In fact, according to a Piper Jaffray 2008 research paper, 30 percent of all search engine queries contain a city, state or zip code.

With approximately 2.6 billion local searches performed each month, the Internet has now surpassed print Yellow Pages and newspapers as a primary source for local consumer service information and that trend is on the rise.

The popularity of web-enabled phones (like the iPhone) will only add to these numbers as 27 percent of all mobile searches are for local information.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO or Search Engine Marketing) is the process of getting one’s website ranked high in the search engines (with a primary emphasis on Google).
As nearly all search engines sell “Sponsored Ad Space,” it is important to note that SEO is designed to help improve your “organic rankings” (aka the placement you get for free).
In the example, above, I’ve done a search using for the term, “small business accountant.” The areas denoted by the letter, “A,” are “Sponsored Links” and are therefore not affected by Search Engine Optimization. They are what are referred to as “Pay-per-click” ads (aka PPC). The businesses you see listed are paying Google a pre-defined amount for every “click” (i.e. visitor) they receive.
The area denoted by the letter, “B,” is the start of the “organic search engine listings” and this area IS controlled by search engine optimization techniques.

While there is nothing wrong with buying Pay-per-click ads, and it is something I recommend you consider, it is very important that your website/web pages rank well in the organic search engine listings as this can bring you lots of qualified website traffic completely free of charge.

There are three main aspects to search engine optimization.

1.) Keyword Research – finding out what people type into Google (or Yahoo, Bing etc) when they are looking for information (or to makeĀ  a purchase) about your business or product.

It is essential to do Keyword research first as good keyword research will tell us what words to use in everything from our domain name, site categories,pages and posts.

2.) On-page SEO – involves creating good quality content (information) based on your keyword research.

3.) Off-page SEO – getting “links” from other websites linking back to your site. The search engines see each link as a vote – the more votes your site has the better it will rank in the search engines.Not all votes are equal -

votes from well established sites will be more important than new websites.



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