Current Online Video Use

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Although this data is rather old (2008), we can see how much video are getting to users via Google’s universal search results. Quoting from ComScore’s James Lamberti:

17% of all results were universal search results, and 58% of those who searched Google saw a universal result at least one time. By a large margin, most saw video and news, followed by images and maps/stocks/weather.


But just how popular is online video? On November 10, 2010, YouTube reported that users are uploading 35 hours worth of video every minute! That’s a huge increase of 12 hours per minute in just 6 months!


So, which types of video are popular among users? As you can see in the graph below, user-generated videos are on top of the list, followed by news, music videos, and movie previews.usevideofoesearchengineoptimisation65

And what do people do after seeing a video? The data from the Kelsey Group indicates that most people visit a website after seeing a video ad (43%).

usevideofoesearchengineoptimisationHere are some more online video statistics (from Tammy Camp):


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