Why Build a Website With Wordpess?

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Why Build a Website With Wordpess?

WordPress is not only the most popular blogging tool, in recent years it has developed to be the most commonly used webbuilder on the net.

wordpresswebsiteimageOut of the top 1 million sites on the web as ranked by Alexa, the web information company, over 50% are built with wordpress. No longer just a blogging tool, WordPress is a full blown content management system that outperformes all others and is used by some of the largest companies and government agencies. Updates are released on a regular basis ensuring WordPress continues to improve and will remain the best we builder solution for some tome to come.

7 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Business Website

1.One click installation. A basic site can be set up easily from within control panel. the sites apearance and functions can also be easily modified using readily available themes and plugins.

2.Search Engine Optimisation.Wordpress is built for easy SEO out of the box with a site structure the search engines recognise. This cnan be further enhanced with both free and paid plugins.Google’s own Matt Cutts says WordPress is “made to do SEO” – see video below.

3. WordPress is easy to modify and update right from the site admin area meaning this can be done from anywhere – no need for software on your computer.

4. Extended functions – there are tens of thousands of developers making new themes(for site appearance) and plugins(to add functions).Over 1200 themes and 12,000 plugins are available for free from the WordPress website.These can be searched for and installed from within the admin area.There are also many premium themes and plugins available(for a price).Both free and premium themes and plugins are constantly being developed meaning will always be able to find  a tool for any requirement.

5. Support -If you ever have a problem or want to add a feature help is only a google search away.Not only is there a forum on the wordpress site but tens of thousands of users are constantly blogging and posting on forums ideas and advice on hoe to use WordPress.

6. WordPress easily integrates with other social websites like Facebook and Twitter giving your online presence an extra boost.

7. WordPress is open source .. and free to use.This is perhaps the key to the success of WordPress.Being open source means the code is available to all. Software coders have added to and refined the script and will continue to do so in the future.

I hope I have answered the question of Why Build a Website with WordPress -  in fact why would you use anything else?

Google’s Matt Cutts gives tips to small business owners.

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