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Crazy Domains was founded in the year 2000. They have data centers in London, Perth, and Sydney. It also has servers in the US, Belgium, Hong Kong, India, and Singapore; and has 500+ domain types.

Let’s see if it is worth the money.

Crazy Domains Pricing

You can choose any of their pricing plans that consist of one year, two years, 3 years, and 10 years plans. The first three options are understandable but the 10 years one doesn’t make sense (especially if you’re starting out with a new business that requires a website and you are not sure how it will pan out in the future).

There is a marked difference in price between the 10-years plan and the first three plans. But it is not wise to go for a decade long plan as you’re never sure of what the future holds.

Domain and Hosting Packages

These packages are not just for web hosting… they cover domain name registration, e-commerce tools, and website building.

Online Startup: $131

This is a basic package which includes a domain name, web hosting, and email hosting.

  • Domain name – You can either register an Australian or global domain name. Your domain will be connected to the cloud DNS network.
  • Web hosting – You will have 150 GB of web space.
  • Email hosting – It allows you to create up to 100 personal emails from your domain.

Business Builder: $292

This package includes everything featured in the Online Startup plan plus Website Builder, Email Protection, Site Protection, and Traffic Booster.

The Website Builder will allow you to create your own 5 page website within minutes. There are over 100 site templates to choose from.

Email protection provides virus and malware protection.

Site protection will protect your website automatically against hackers.

And lastly, Traffic Booster enables your website to get indexed and found by all the top search engines.

Ultimate Empire: $493

This package features everything the two smaller packages include but there are some additional features as well.

  • eShop builder – You can add unlimited products with shopping cart functionality and sell online.
  • Web analytics – This allows you track your site’s visitors as in how they found you and other things.
  • Business directory – This tool enables you to list your business online… it enables potential customers to find your site and gain more traffic.
  • Email marketing – You have the option to create and send bulk email campaigns up to 500 customers.

The website builder in this package allows you to create 25 page website instead of the 5 page website in the Business Builder plan.

Customer Support is not that good

Crazy Domains’ customer support is far from ideal because of slow response times, unhelpful responses, and frustrating live chat experiences.

Having said that, this doesn’t mean that every customer would face poor customer support. But that generally, Crazy Domains lags behind some of the other web hosts in this area.

Should you go for Crazy Domains?

They have an impressive uptime. Plus, having date centers and extra EPP servers located in Australia means fast load times for people accessing your website throughout the whole country.

The fast page loading speed is also pretty good. The major downside is their unimpressive customer support team.

Crazy Domains is not a bad option but their prices are not as economical as they portray (excluding the 10 years plan).

We think that there are better options available than Crazy Domains. But that is our opinion. You may differ with that and it’s totally fine.

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