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HostPapa is one of the top and widely used hosting providers. After going through all their features, it’s time we share with you all the pros and cons.

Let’s delve into it and see whether it is what you’re looking for.


HostPapa is an independent web hosting service provider headquartered in Canada and entered in the market in 2002. The company provides handful of amazing services such as web design, website builders, email services and domain name registrations.

With outstanding self-help options and eco-friendly approach, HostPapa has millions of customers across the world who enjoy shared, WordPress, VPS and reseller hosting services.


Have a look at some of the brief facts before choosing HostPapa as your web hosting provider





Serve locations

US, Canada, Europe

Hosting types

Shared, VPS, Reseller

Customer support

Live chat, email, phone, ticket


Easy to use, secure, and fast servers.


Starts from $3.95 per month

Current deals

Flash sale up to 74% off.


·        Reliable technology and fast servers ·        Optimized for speed and performance ·        Commitment to security ·        Independently owned ·        Award winning support ·        100% satisfaction guaranteed

HostPapa Pricing Plans

Starter Plan:

With the promotional price, the starter plan will only cost you $4.35/month (GST included).

Features included:

  • 2 websites
  • 100GB SSD Web Space
  • 100 email addresses
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Website Builder (Starter)

Plus, the “essential features” which includes:

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Free 100 email addresses
  • Free one-on-one training
  • Free & easy website transfer
  • WordPress Installer & Updates
  • Free 400+ apps installer
  • Cloud Linex servers
  • 24/7 support
  • 99.9% uptime
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Business Pro Plan:

This package offers more power, speed, and performance. And, enhanced security as well. The price is $14.25/month (GST included).

Features included:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Free domain registration
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth

The performance enhancement features are as follows:

  • Rocket-fast servers
  • 300% performance boost
  • Protection Power CDN
  • Fewer accounts per server

And the security enhancements included are:

  • Premium Wildcard SSL
  • Protection Power Pro (Website vulnerability scan, Advanced DDoS protection, etc.)
  • Domain Privacy
  • Automatic website

Are the Prices reasonable?

Overall, HostPapa is a fantastic choice for affordable web hosting especially with their MEGA 75% discount offer on their ‘Business’ package. The pricing is reasonable keeping in view the quality of service offered.


1. Good Uptime

Even though HostPapa claims 99.9% uptime, we found out that they have an average 99.97% uptime which is not bad at all. What this means is that HostPapa’s servers are down on average three hours per year. Essentially, it is an insignificant thing as it’s not like your server will be down for 3 consecutive hours. It may be down for a few minutes here and there. Hence, won’t matter much. Plus, because of maintenance work, you kind of expect the server to be down for that little time.

2. Easy-to-use

HostPapa is relatively easy to set up which includes the payment process. You have to simply choose the payment plan of your choice. And you have the option to transfer over an existing domain name or choose a new domain name.

3. Scalable Plans for e-commerce stores

HostPapa’s most popular plan is the “Business Pro”. As the name implies, it is designed for online businesses or e-commerce stores… you can easily upgrade this plan in case your online business expands. If you’re looking for optimized WordPress hosting, HostPapa is a great option. As you can see in the above picture (highlighted in yellow), WP Business Pro gives Jetpack Premium pre-installed which offers:
  • Daily Automated Backup
  • Automatic Security Fixes
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Ad Network Approval,
  • And many other features.
All of which is worth $133 Australian dollars. Plus, it saves a lot time. And we know that ‘time is money’. The “Reseller” plans are tailored for business owners who are looking to upgrade their website & take it to the next level. Bronze plan is the cheapest which offers 50 GB SSD storage whereas the Titanium plan (which is the most advanced) the maximum storage offered is 250 GB SSD. The bandwidth offered goes from 500 GB up to 2.5 TB depending on which pricing plan you select. All of these different packages or plans are designed keeping in view the varied requirements of users. If your needs can be met by the cheapest and basic pricing plan, you should go for that. The VPS and Reseller plans are designed for people who are running big websites.

4. c-Panel (easy-to-use)

HostPapa uses c-Panel which is a control panel used for managing your server settings. c-Panel is easy to use (unlike other control panels) thanks to its user-friendly design. It is perfect for beginners.

5. Fast Load Time

Because of HostPapa’s built-in caching by default, you cannot edit any settings. You can, however, optimize the speed by ‘compressing MIME file types’. This can be done at the cPanel software section. You may be able to improve your site’s load time from one second down to 0.9 seconds. If you’re using a WordPress site with the WordPress optimized server, your site is going to load faster.

6. Reliable & Secure

HostPapa provides reliable and secure web hosting because of its top-notch web hosting infrastructure. Their data centres are equipped with:
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Standby & Redundant Power Generation
  • Diesel Backup Generators
  • 24/7 Manned Security

7. Excellent Support & Help Service

HostPapa offers excellent and comprehensive support system which includes:
  • Hundreds of video tutorials
  • Hundreds of easy-to-understand guides to answer all of your web hosting questions
  • 24/7 Live chat with PapaSquad experts in case you have any queries


1. No month-to-month billing option

There is no month-to-month billing option so paying larger chunks up front might be a little difficult for those who cannot afford it.

2. Increase in renewal prices

The ‘Business’ plan starts out at an affordable price of $3.95/month for the first three years. But, after those three years, it increases to $7.99/month. However, this may not count as a big difference especially if you’re earning handsome amount of money from your website or online business.

3. Some “Features” are not as impressive as they sound

Features such as ’30-day money back guarantee’ are offered by other web hosting providers as well so it’s not really an amazing or unique benefit.


Let’s find out what customers have to say about HostPapa: Jill Brighton shared: “I have been with Host Papa for several years for my website. I have found their support very helpful whenever I have had a problem with uploading or updating my website. The pricing is reasonable.” However, one user Luis A also expressed his confusion: “A bit confusing for me regarding the need for some packages. It did not allow me to do a last review of the payment”


HostPapa is a great choice for small business owners as it is reliable, secure, and offers good uptime. However, if your small business expands, it may not cater to your demands in the best possible way. Before you make a hasty decision, we advise you to go through their pricing plans. Sometimes, in supermarkets, some products seem too good with enticing packaging (full of benefits and premium features). What we mean to say is that some of HostPapa’s features are not as great as they portray it.6