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BlueHost Overview

Bluehost offers quality web hosting at economical prices and gives users an easy-to-use control panel. It provides great uptime and fast load time.

Let’s delve more into it.


1. 99.9% Uptime

Even though Bluehost doesn’t offer any uptime warranty, it provides 99.9% uptime which is outstanding… can’t ask for more.

2. Fast Loading speed

Don’t you hate it when you’re browsing and the pages take a lot of time to load? Well, that’s not the case here.

Bluehost provides fast loading speed which makes the users’ experience satisfying.

3. Easy and intuitive to use

It is easy to set up and manage your site. Bluehost’s cPanel interface is very simple to use. You can customize the layout of the control panel according to your requirements.

Making changes to email and hosting settings can be easily done in an instant.

4. Many Free Security Features

Bluehost offers lots of free tools (Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, Spam Assassin) that are designed to keep your data safe and secure.

It is important to not let the unique content on your site be stolen by others. For this very reason, Bluehost provides ‘hotlink protection’ which makes it almost impossible for people to steal your content.

Also, you can use filters to block out particular email accounts. And you have the option to block IP addresses.

5. Reasonable Introductory Price

An introductory price of $2.95 per month is reasonable considering the impressive load time and great uptime.


1. Site Migrations are not Free

Many web hosting providers offer free site migrations unlike Bluehost. You are required to pay $150 to migrate your site from its current location to their server.

What’s more frustrating is that you have to pay $80 for a 45 minute walk-through of their services. Now, this is something which most web hosting providers will provide for free.

2. Customer Service

Bluehost’s customer service (through call) is a mixed bag. Some customers have experienced great customer service while others have had problems getting their calls answered.

Bluehost Pricing

Shared Hosting:

  • Basic: $2.75/month
  • Plus: $5.45/month
  • Choice Plus: $5.45/month
  • Pro: $13.95/month

With all the four plans, you’ll get 24/7 customer support and custom themes.

The differences between Basic and Choice Plus plans are that in the latter one you will get unlimited domains whereas in the former you will only get a single domain; the other difference is that in the Choice Plus plan, you will get ‘Unlimited SSD Storage’ whereas in the Basic plan, you will only get ‘50 GB SSD Storage’. You will also get ‘Free Automated Backup’ for first year of hosting and ‘Free Domain Privacy’ in the Choice Plus plan.

With the Pro plan, you get some additional features which include: Optimized CPU Resources, Free Dedicated IP, and Free Automated Backup for term of the plan.

WordPress Hosting

This comes in three plans.

  • Basic: $2.75/month
  • Plus: $5.45/month
  • Choice Plus: $5.45/month

The technologies offered in these three plans are the same as the ‘shared hosting plans’ we discussed above.

VPS Hosting:

Bluehost’s VPS Hosting comes in three plans.

Standard: $18.99 per month

  • 2 Cores
  • 30 GB SSD Storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address

Enhanced: $29.99 per month

  • 2 Cores
  • 60 GB SSD Storage
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses

Ultimate: $59.99 per month

  • 4 Cores
  • 120 GB SSD Storage
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 3 TB Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses


Bluehost offers high quality web hosting at affordable prices. The set up process is very easy and smooth so no problems for someone who is new at this.

The only significant downside is that you have to pay for site migration.

To conclude, we think Bluehost is a great web host!

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